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Love is a strange thing. It’s become so common to either run away from it, or chase it, or a combination of both. It can be a scary thing, indeed – to open up and show someone who you truly are, with all your scars and messiness. It’s even harder to do that when there is a chance the person you love will see it all and decide to turn and walk away, perpetuating the deepest fear that humans have: that we are not enough.

We can spend our whole life in this cycle, fearing away from what clearly is one of the most transformative things in existence. We can be with someone our entire lives and never open up to the bonds possible between two souls.

We are all mirrors for each other. Other people show us where we to need to grow and heal. When defences are down and calmness reigns, there is so much that has the potential to blossom. All our perceptions of love and relationships are wrong when they include heartache and rejection. Those are done by humans not yet ready to show up and do the work. But love – love is the universal force of goodness, of kindness, of patience, of light.

I urge us all to spend some time getting to know ourselves and our darkness. To heal what we can and to not automatically run away when the opportunity of love comes to us.

When two people can sit calmly, show the depths of the pain they’ve suffered to each other, and meet each other in mutual understanding, grace and connection – this, this is pure magic.

It’s not easy. But it has the power to change ourselves, our lives and in return, the world.

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