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Price breakdown

Here at the Love Yourself Club, we believe in transparency.

we are not here to make a profit but we do need your help and the help of others to run the cost of the website, the domain name and the cost of the merchandise.

Untitled_Artwork 84.png
Untitled_Artwork 84.png

Will go to charity, that means half of the amount you pay will go to Pieta House Ireland.

Why Pieta house Ireland?

They provide freely accessible one-to-one counselling to people suffering from suicidal ideation, engaging in self-harm or those who bereaved by suicide.

What are the things you need to pay for a website?

1-Domain name

2-Website software/content

   manager system


Untitled_Artwork 85.png

Goes to cover the cost of running this website and everything involved with it.

How much does the merchandise cost?

It all depends on what product we are talking about, don't forget there's also shipping and handling costs too.

Untitled_Artwork 86.png

Is to pay the cost of the merchandise 

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