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The love yourself club is a college project, it began as an idea of a photography book but through research and different stages of brainstorming this project came to light as a the love yourself club.


On march 2, 2020 the first case of COVID19 was detected in Ireland and with it, restrictions came everyone had to isolate, stores were closed and we weren’t allowed to go out unless it was extremely necessary and it was only allowed for grocery shopping. 


On April 12, my birthday came, as usual I expected the same amount of friends and family to send a birthday card but only three arrived in the mail. This inspired me to create print at home cards as part of this project. Cards with body positive characters in their natural form. 


April 30th tragedy struck to an important family member, he lost his friend and a colleague.

Unfortunately he didn’t believe in himself. this is when the fuel section on our page came about. We need a constant reminder, we need to read positive affirmations, we need to see positive things, we need to believe in ourselves, we need to start loving ourselves.


This project began as a simple concept and its slowly taking its course and here we are now, we need your help to spread the word, we need your help to reach those who lack of self love, and we need your help to stick together as a community.


Please consider supporting us, whether is through donations, or perhaps on new ideas how to grow and reach others. 

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